Coinspot is by far the simplest place to start out buying and selling cryptocurrencies. They provide two different types of markets. The first is an open market exchange where you can buy and sell peer-to-peer. Bitcoin, Litcoin and Dogecoin are available through this market. The other market is a brokerage service where all the most popular coins are available to purchase and sell at market prices. The simplicity of coinspot makes it a great place to start out and learn all about these markets. Verification usually takes a few days, as you will be required to send a photo of your government issued identification (drivers license or passport). You will also be required to link a bank account to your new account. Coinspot accepts poli pay (Australia post pay system) or bank deposits. You will be able to deposit and withdraw to/from AUD anytime you wish. Coinspot provides a safe service where all your personal information and details are secured and not shared with third parties. If you’re just starting out in this space, coinspot is the recommended/verified exchange that we at crypto australia suggest you begin with. Once you have your head around buying, selling and storing your coins you can move your investments to other exchanges. You should always read the terms and conditions provided on all of these sites. Coinspots fee structures are available for you to go over before getting started. Sign up here.